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Raniero R
• 7/22/2015

Dream Collaborators

Inspired by a similar discussion on another wiki, I have decided to start a "Dream Collaborators" discussion here on this wiki.

Basically, the question is: Who would YOU like Zedd to collaborate with? Is it someone he's collaborated with in the past (e.g. Foxes or Miriam Bryant), or is it someone he's never worked with before?

If you're feeling really creative, you could also post what kind of song you'd want them to collaborate on (e.g. Would it be about unconditional love, like Spectrum? Tragic love, like Clarity? Or something totally random?).

Post your thoughts! ;-)

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Raniero R
• 2/24/2015

Here's my thoughts:

I think it would be interesting if Zedd & Taylor Swift collaborated on a song about a failed romance. I mean, Swift's all about love (I think... :P ), and so is Zedd...

As I once joked with my friend:

I predict that, within the next two and a half years, Zedd and Taylor Swift will collaborate on a song about a failed romance—basically, the underlying message is: "I love you, but I need to leave you. Forever." It will be around three minutes, fifty seconds in length, and it will have a "dreamy" feel to it—very few dubstep elements in this one. The music video will chronicle a teenage sorceress who is forced to run away from her current life after her lover betrays her; as she makes her way into the woods, she finds another boy like her, and the two of them uncover a conspiracy that could very much mean the end of the world.


Like that's ever going to happen. :P

(P.S: I actually have no idea whether or not Spectrum is about unconditional love.)

• 2/24/2015

I always thought Zedd and Feed Me would be able to make it as a duo. They both have similar sounding music, and would make good, hyper, dance music. It would probably sound like this but professionally done, and more unique. Ugh, I don't know.

Vocally, I'd like to see more males (OHMYGODYOUPATRIARCHALHEATHEN). Maybe someone smooth like Active Child, or more hipstery like James Blake, and even into rap like Logic or G-Eazy.

My all time dream collab would have to be Zedd v MIA.

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