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• 5/18/2015

True Colors album reviews

Hello, Zedd Wiki!

As of the time I'm writing this, True Colors is only a few hours away from being released (unless you pre-ordered it via iTunes, in which case you should already have all the songs). For those of you who chose to buy it and have heard it already (and for those of you who will wake up tomorrow or a few days from now and listen to it)...what do you think about it? Is it better than Clarity? Worse? About the same? Share your thoughts below!

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• 5/18/2015

Loved the whole album. Quite different than Clarity, but it doesn't mean is not good. My top 5 songs are:

Beautiful Now: Everything about this song is perfect. Jon Bellion's collaboration, the lyrics, and the most important, the beat break.

Transmission: If we take out Beautiful Now, this would be my favorite song off the album. Logic's verse sounds awesome, and the hook by X Ambassadors kills me.

Papercut: Although the song is pretty long, it's such a masterpiece. Troye's vocals are on point, and the beat is simply perfect.

Illusion: Even though the beat doesn't kills me, I've got to say that the song is amazing. Sydney sounds beautiful.

Daisy: This one was really good. Violins mixed with a catchy beat and a singer out of this world. Loved the backing vocals too.

Think I'm going to edit this a lot :P

Great job Anton!

• 5/18/2015

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Where should I even begin?

Around two and a half years after the release of Clarity, Zedd finally decided to surprise us with his second album, True Colors. For almost a month, I'd waited with much anticipation for its release…and I am very pleased to say that—in my opinion, at least—it was worth the wait. ^_^ (Of course, no album is perfect, though. :P )

My thoughts on each song:

  • Addicted to a Memory: When Zedd chose Bahari to do the song with him, I personally believe he chose well. Their vocals fit the beat and carry so much spirit with them…gah! I like it too much! >.>
  • I Want You to Know: My only serious complaint regarding True Color is about this song. All the other songs on the album have at least some obvious degree of emotional depth, from what I've seen; I mean, I still like IWYtK. It's just…it doesn't really fit the mood of rest of the album. Selena Gomez's voice is just too chipper for an album of such musical depth, I suppose. :-/
  • Beautiful Now: Now, I've heard a lot of different songs in my life…but this is the first one I've heard where I've both been able to a) make out every word being sung, and b) enjoy the song!
  • Transmission: I have a whole new respect for rock bands now. Sam Harris's voice isn't all screamo, and the song is beautiful at the same time. :P
  • Done With Love: It's an okay song. I don't really have that much to say about it, to be honest. xP (Though I do like how it leads into our next song…)
  • True Colors: You made a bold move by making the track acoustic, Anton…but boldness can be a very good thing. Such is the case of the album's titular track, True Colors! For my ears, it was a brilliant deviation from the EDM beats seen on all your other tracks. (Not to mention it made me cry from pure joy. IT'S AMAZING!)
  • Straight Into the Fire: Even though I already knew what Julia Michaels's voice sounded like (having heard Borgeous's They Don't Know Us several times before), I was still completely unprepared for what I was going to hear when I first turned Straight Into the Fire on. Julia's powerful vocals, when paired with a hyper dance beat (courtesy of Zedd :P ), makes for a very empowering combination!
  • Papercut: My favorite song on the album, and probably my favorite of all Zedd songs; I very much understand why Zedd said he could imagine this song as being on a film soundtrack. From the pianistic beginning to Troye Sivan's voice, every part of it is simply beautiful.
  • Bumble Bee: In a word: Intense! At times, you can almost hear the buzzing of bees in…oh wait. That's because you can hear them. :P Despite the intensity, though, it's one of my favorites.
  • Daisy: Dangit, Zaslavski! Now you got me skipping through imaginary fields of…(need I finish? xP ) The song may be short, but it'll most likely stay with me for quite a while!
  • Illusion: In a way, I can compare it to Daisy in the sense that it will be staying with me for quite some time. :)

And that's it. ^_^
Comments: On the KCC scale from 1-10, Clarity was a 7.5, meaning that I find True Colors to be better than its predecessor. Congrats, Zedd! :D

• 7/3/2015

Is it safe to say that I like everything on the album BETTER than the previous one? :P

Let's go in order

• 4/17/2016

Going from the best in album to okay (because none of these were bad, so there's no 'worst' either), here are my thoughts of True Colors Album:

  • Papercut: I gotta agree, this is THE BEST track in the album. Deep, emotionally progressive, smooth vocals, and beautiful melody.

  • True Colors: This is the song which lyrics I can relate to very much, and really portrays the emotion it potentially can.

  • Addicted to a Memory: Most people don't like Zedd's electronic side, and this song suffers that judgement. To me, this song is brilliant in every way. The vocals, the complex melody, even the artwork! XD

  • Daisy: I really like this song because it's like a character reference; her hobbies, her personality, even her past. The lyrics took a nice turn there, if you know what I mean. So, it's not like a regular pick-up song for someone you just fell for; it's a pick-up song for someone you are really know/close to AND fell for.

  • Done With Love: Emotionally, this is like the continuation of Daisy. And it drops hard, too!

  • Beautiful Now: I've never listen to a song that give me extreme chills when a crowd of people who love this song suddenly sing in unison in TCT more than this. Not Spectrum, not Clarity, this. And it gets better with the “underwater feeling” in the second verse.

  • Bumble Bee: Just like Addicted to a Memory, this song is dissed because of the electronic style. To me, the drop is insane; like Botnek said, the drop makes you feel 'swarmed by bees'.

  • Transmission: The instrumental is great, and with Logic's raps, this song becomes bad*ss.

  • Straight Into The Fire: What makes this track great is that this song's key makes it able to blend in with Zedd's 2 popular songs, Spectrum and Find You. I think the emotional depth, instrumental-wise, CAN go even further. Weird enough, I find the ending is the most interesting part in the song because the melody makes it feels like all your pain and poblems are gone, but the lyrics makes it like it doesn't end there.

  • I Want You To Know: Like KCCreations said, this song is lack of emotional depth. Even though lyric-wise it is deep, it's not as deep as the others. I still enjoy it anyway, though.

  • Illusion: This song is great on early times listening, but as you listen to it several more times, it becomes boring. The melody is good, but the song is too progressive and the lyrics literally repeats twice.


Individual songs:

  • Papercut: If this has an orchestral version, then SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!
  • Daisy: I can imagine if this song is remixed into Rock with male vocals and some fancy guitar solo between the lyrics.
  • I Want You To Know: Maybe the problem isn't at the vocals, but at the instrumental. To me the lack of emotional depth is caused by the generic instrumental melodies like any other commercial electro house songs. These two remixes brings out the emotional depth this song possibly can express.
  • Illusion: If the melody diversed a bit and has more lyrics like the other songs in the album, this song might become less boring after several more plays.

Overall: 8.25/10

(I think if the numbering of the songs is emotionally right, this whole album CAN, in fact, be a short romance novel.)

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