... we had several sessions with Zedd, and the song took a lot of detours in direction, but what ended up on the album is essentially what we started with well over a year ago. When it was done we didn’t realize it was going to be the only track on the album that hinted at Zedd’s older club sound, but we were honoured to be one of the only other producers to ever work with him!

–Botnek about the song[1]

"Bumble Bee" is a song by Zedd & Botnek from Zedd's second studio album, True Colors. The song was the third confirmed release from the album.

Background Edit

Zedd performed the song at the 2014 Ultra Music Festival, though he did not specify the name of it.[2]

On June 4, 2014—approximately one year before the release of True Colors—Zedd posted a short video clip on Instagram containing a close-up of a computer that was emitting a low buzzing noise. The post was also captioned with bumble bee emoticons.[3]

Botnek hinted at the collaboration on September 28, saying that they'd been "swarmed by bees" while performing.[4] Zedd also further hinted at it by asking Botnek if they'd performed their "new song".[5]

The song's Zedd True Colors Experience occurred on April 5, 2015—eight days after the one for "Straight Into the Fire"—in Phoenix, Arizona.

Lyrics Edit

Break through
Break through
Break through
It's alright to break through

Break through
Break through
Break through
It's alright to break through



  • The liner notes stored in every physical copy of True Colors have the following on the page for "Bumble Bee": "-... .-. . .- -.- / - .... .-. --- ..- --. .... / .. - .----. ... / .- .-.. .-. .. --. .... - / - --- / -... .-. . .- -.- / - .... .-. --- ..- --. ...."[6]
    • It is Morse Code and, when translated, means: "BREAK THROUGH IT'S ALRIGHT TO BREAK THROUGH".
  • The end notes of "Papercut" are the beginning of "Bumble Bee".
  • The song is the least popular track on True Colors, alongside "Transmission", as of June 10, 2015.
  • Botnek released an hour-long extended mix of the song onto Soundcloud on July 10, 2015.[1][7]



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