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I want to thank ... Foxes, for singing this song. ...

Zedd at the 56th GRAMMY Awards[1]

Louisa Rose Allen, more commonly known under her stage name Foxes, is an English singer and songwriter.[2]



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If someone had said to me, 'Sing this dance song,' I probably would have said no. But I heard the song, and it was really emotional, and I felt like it was not too far from what I was about... I remember first listening to it and thinking, 'I'd be so stupid to not do this.'

–Foxes during a 2013 interview with Billboard[3]

She is best known in the United States for having collaborated with Zedd on "Clarity", which peaked at number eight on the Billboard Hot 100 and won a GRAMMY Award for Best Dance Recording in 2014.

When Zedd first listened to Foxes' song "Youth", he Skyped her and asked her to be the vocalist for "Clarity". After she did research on Wikipedia about him, she accepted the offer.[4]



  • On 10 October 2013, Foxes tweeted a picture to Zedd of herself posing with a platinum Clarity disk.[5]

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