Isaac (main image)
Nationality Czech
Occupation(s) Thug
Portrayed by: Anton Zaslavski
Appears in: Beautiful Now

Isaac[1] is a character who makes his first (and only) appearances in the music video for Beautiful Now. He is portrayed by Zedd.


As Isaac is attempting to steal an alcoholic beverage from a store, he gets in an altercation with the store's manager, resulting in arguments and physical violence between the two. At one point during the fight, he pulls out a knife, causing another one of his allies to stop and stare. The delay allows Isaac and the rest of his gang to sprint out of the store and down the street before the manager can call for help. Later on, Isaac is seen sitting in an empty row of bleachers and staring at his reflection in the knife, presumably contemplating what has happened.

Brief flashbacks throughout the video show him and his gang smiling and laughing as they perform various activities—such as tearing free-spiritedly down streets, jogging up bleachers, and kicking balls across fields—indicating that his view on life was once more optimistic.


  • Isaac's name and nationality are only revealed in the music video's YouTube description.[1]


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