Livetune (stylized as livetune) is a Japanese J-pop/electro music group. It was formed in 2007 and originally consisted of two members—kz and Kajuki P—but the latter of the two left the group in March 2009.

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Spectrum (feat. Hatsune Miku)Edit

In February 2013, after proclaiming himself a Zedd fan on Twitter, kz was asked by Universal Media Japan to create a remix for Spectrum. It took only two days to complete, though Zedd, after hearing it, commented that it was truly a professional's work. He also commented that the remix was the only one he'd heard before that fit Spectrum's melody.[1]

The remix is also featured on the Japanese release of Clarity.[1]



  • In an interview with MTV, livetune stated that Zedd was one of his favorite overseas artists; Madeon, a friend of Zedd, was also listed as being another one.[2]

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