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Artist Zedd
Genre Zedd's main musical genre is electropop, though he has also drawn inspiration from classical, dubstep, progressive house, and trance.
Highest Parental Advisory Some of Zedd's songs, such as "Slam the Door" have profanity and/or suggestive themes, though not all do.
Albums Clarity (2012), True Colors (2015)
Hits "Clarity" (2012), "Stay the Night" (2013), "Find You" (2014), "Break Free" (2014), "I Want You to Know" (2015), "Beautiful Now" (2015), "Stay" (2017), "Get Low" (2017)
Audience Most of Zedd's songs appear to be targeted toward a teen-aged demographic (ages 13+).
Other work Aside from music, Zedd is also known for Moment of Clarity and Zedd True Colors, documentaries chronicling events surrounding his two albums..


Lyrics Zedd's lyrics are usually about love, although they do not tend to focus on the sexual aspects of it; rather, they tend to focus on the feeling. Lyrics regarding tragic and/or confusing love are common in his work.
Certain songs of his, however, do not appear to be associated with romance directly, if at all; songs that fall into this category are mostly instrumental, and the list includes "Dovregubben", "Epos", "Scorpion Move", "Shave It/Shave It Up", "Shotgun", and "The Legend of Zelda".
Videos The music videos for Zedd's songs commonly involve thematic elements, such as romance or finding oneself.

The official music video for "Spectrum" chronicles the secret love between an alien female and a human male, who are portrayed by Taryn Manning and Derek Magyar, respectively. At a specific scene in the video, Manning and Magyar's characters display mild sexual affection towards each other.

The official music video for "Stache" plays out more like a thriller and does not involve any romance. In the video, a foreign scientist and possible terrorist is hiding inside an abandoned building in order to finish creating the "Clandon Particle"—an antimatter bomb. Throughout the video, U.S. military forces attempt to break in and shut down the experiment, though in the end, the scientist succeeds in detonating the weapon.

"Beautiful Now"'s music video features five main protagonists each in a different life situation—Emmaline (played by Katerina Vintrova) is a murderous teenage female; Blair (played by Luis Eduardo Escobedo Gowans) is a "mountain man"; Hernian (played by Luiiziitoo Saantay) is a young man living during a time of war; Isaac (played by Anton Zaslavski) is a member of a gang of thugs; and Audrey (played by Tereza Sindelarova) is a young suicidal girl—and follows their stories as they reflect on what their lives once were. Various types of controversial violence (e.g. war, the wielding of guns and knives, attempted suicide, and animal abuse) take place throughout the video; use of alchohol is also depicted when Isaac attempts to steal beverages from a store, leading to an altercation with the owner.

Concerts As illustrated in the Moment of Clarity documentary, Zedd's concerts tend to involve a heavy usage of visual effects, primarily lighting (strobelights, laser beams, etc). In a performance at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards (as described here), smoke and pyrotechnics can be seen as well.

His general onstage demeanor is appropriate for all ages with the downside of infrequent swearing. He also does not tend to emerge from behind his performance area.

Concert attendees—if old enough and in possession of an ID—can purchase alcohol products if they wish to do so at select shows. However, they are first required to go through a secondary security check that non-alcoholics are not required to do.

At times the shows are all-ages, though whether or not there is an age requirement for a specific one is ultimately the decision of the city in which the concert will be held.

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